A Human Approach to World Peace

What is the best way to approach our efforts for reaching success with integrity?

 There’s is an urgent need to disseminate the ethical values that will transport us into a golden age where we can find balance between the intrinsic laws that operate in nature and our free will. We are very lucky to have the guidance and the means to find the answer of the question here and now.

“It is ironic that the more serious problems emanate from the more industrially advanced societies. Science and technology have worked wonders in many fields, but the basic human problems remain.”

With these words, Tenzin Gyatzo the 14th Dalai Lama of Tibet, calls upon reflection of the state of affairs in the world today and our responsibility as part of the human community. So much bloodshed on one side and psychotic greed on another, ‘should make any sensitive and compassionate person question seriously the progress of our modern world.’

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