The Horse is Technology

I’ve been curious to know more about what the spiritual leaders of the world have to say about the promises and challenges of technology. The message is clear. There’s no doubt that we’ve been able to open pathways to commerce and commodity but in the process we have lost track of what is really meaningful and timeless.

There is a Zen story about a person sitting on a horse, galloping very quickly. At a crossroads, a friend of his shouts, “Where are you going?” The man says, “I don’t know, ask the horse!”

Thich Nath Hanh offered an inspirational dharma talk and mindfulness workshop at Google’s corporate headquarters in Silicon Valley, reminding glooglers that meditative practices are critical to our well being.

Mindfulness as a Foundation for Health

The horse is technology. It carries us and we cannot control it.

So we have to begin with intention, asking ourselves, what do we want? How can we innovate in order to take good care of ourselves? What is the interplay between intention, insight and innovation? How can technology be a force for integration rather than destruction?
Thay shares more clues on how to balance our work life and the time that we spend taking care of ourselves and the ones around us. Check out another powerful Dharma talk shared at Plum Village in 2013.

The Horse is Technology

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